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Tools - electronic, hand, micro... - MasonJar - 08-11-2009

How about some sources for tools?

Whether it's electronic tools for troubleshooting DCC installations or wiring, hand tools for model making, or some other special trick (3rd hand anyone Wink), let us know what you've found and where.


Hobbyist drill bits - MasonJar - 08-11-2009

Lee Valley has lots of interesting stuff, including this set of small bits at a reasonable price:

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They are a mail order company, so will also ship worldwide if need be.


Re: Tools - electronic, hand, micro... - nomad - 08-11-2009

I guess I'll be the first one to state the obvious. Micro-mark. Goldth

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Ottawa area stores - MasonJar - 08-11-2009

In Ottawa (and other locations no doubt) you have your choice of a few "general purpose" stores where you may find discount tools, parts, and other interesting project materials.

Princess Auto is a chain of Canadian stores that sells lots of things that may be of use - small clamps, hand tools like pliers, small hammers, and so on. But their most interesting stuff is "Surplus" and includes things like small electric motors, battery holders, and plastic boxes.

Busy Bee Tools is a similar outfit. They have similar items, although their power tools especially are more expensive, but that's because they carry brand names. They are also heavy on the tool side, not as much on the project supply side.