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N-2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 01-01-2010

We are converting our N 2TRAK layout to a On30- 2TRAK layout this year.I am hoping to keep this thread updated with photos once we get into it.Other than stripping everything N off of the modules we will be rasing the modules 8".This will most likely be the first photo essay I do.

For the NTRAKer's in the crowd we have/had two NTRAK layouts though we removed the inner track from this one several years ago.I am hoping to make this a fairly useful thread for the modular folk in our little group here.

The reason for the change up is ,Bill and I are both narrow gauge fans with locos and rolling stock but no real place to run them.Aside from that we both have home HO layouts (both are quite small) plus two more at club to run on.Sooo we decided to change this kayout one last time. :mrgreen:

I do have some construction pics (when I find them) to post.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 07-12-2010

OK,I'm a liar.Ain't nothing useful about a thread if there is nothing there to show you progress. Sad

Well anyway we are making some progress on the layout but nothing to brag about.I do have a couple pictures though.

First pic up is what we have been calling the left corner.Underneath all the junk setting on it the road bed is in the process of being widened to accomodate the HO track on 2.5" centers.Where the half round shapes are will be concrette culverts to allow water to flow under the tracks.The entire bank will be rip rap to help support the tracks.

[Image: lftcorn1.jpg]

This next picture is the Rioght hand corner and as you can see it has leg extentions.These are 8" long and nicely raise the layout to a height that is fairly easy to duck under. Smile It looks like I should have straightened that right leg before I took the pic.

[Image: rhtcorn1.jpg]

There is one more progress pic but it is so blurry it's hard to tell what it is. Wallbang

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 07-31-2010

Made a little progess Saturday night.We got the leg extentions done for 3 more modules,which is good. What isn't good is the fact that we forgot to pick up some 5/16" threaded rod so we could install the extentions. Wallbang

Other than that I got the riprap installed on the inside curve.

[Image: riprap-1.jpg]

Once everything is done the stone will get a grey wash and possibly a very thin black one to help hilight the stone.Hopefully we will be gluing down roadbed next Saturday.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 08-15-2010

Well we missed a week of working on the modules ,but managed to get a little done last night.We still haven't gotton the threaded rod to install the leg extentions.

Got a little more riprap work done this pic is from the front of the module still need more rock but this should give you an idea of what we are going for.

[Image: riprap-2.jpg]

and here is a overall view of the same area,as you can see it still needs more rock but at the time the picture was taken the glue was still wet and not holding .

[Image: riprap-3.jpg]

It will be two weeks before we can get back to it so everything should be nicely set up. :mrgreen:

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 10-17-2010

small update,more pic once my FTP server starts to behave.

[Image: corner1.jpg]

Rip rap is done road bed is in place.We have 4 modules now with the leg extentions in place.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 12-19-2010

Small change in the plan.The decision has been made to change the HO-2TRAK into a On30-2TRAK layout.The track spacing will require some minor ajustments but other than that we are good to go.Main reason other than the fact we already have 2 HO layouts is that Bill (my partner in crime Eek ) and myself are both On30 fans.

We have all but two of the modules ready for track.We need to make legs for one module and create from scratch a end module.With a little luck by April of next year we will be running trains. :mrgreen:

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - nachoman - 12-19-2010

Another old thread I somehow missed.... What kind of "rock" are you using for that embankment? I've got a few areas on my layout where that may look good.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 12-19-2010

Kevin,the rock over the culverts was something that has been in the house where the layout is being built.The rest of it dates from 1993 and was done by someone else.I know the guys that built the corner origonally and I will try to get ahold of one of them to see if they remember where they got the stuff.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 08-02-2011

Well guys,the layout is morfing one more time.We have decided to go with our origonal plan for this layout and make it On30 but with a fairly modern twist. Eek

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 08-03-2011

Ok, first pic of On30 modular layout progress.This pic is of one of Bill's modules.He had several pieces of Homa-bed that had been given to him so he decided to put them to use on these modules.

[Image: on30-1.jpg]

[Image: on30-2.jpg]

[Image: on30-3.jpg]

The track is used ATLAS code 100 that we got a good price on.We are in the process of removing every other tie which gives us the look we want.Turnouts will be modified ATLAS code 100 turnouts and one pair of PECO On30's.

If you look to the upper left of the last picture you can see my creek module.Another view in the next post.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 08-03-2011

Ok next post,here is a shot of my creek module from the back side.There has been more done to the module since the picture.

[Image: on30riv.jpg]

Here is the way the layout will be set up.

[Image: 0n30-1a.jpg]

The notch in the upper corner of the layout is for access to a closet in that room.

Hopefully will have some update photos for this coming Sunday,but that all depends on how much we get done on Saturday evening.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 04-08-2012

Here is a pic of the currant status of the layout,it has been moved to a different part of the basement.

[Image: 0n30new.jpg]

We still need to build the end module (one on the left end in the drawing ).Once that is done we can get the track down and get some trains running. Big Grin Oh,and I replaced the creek module,I just did not like how it was turning out. Nope

We are hoping to have a running layout by the time the NTS starts.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - nkp_174 - 04-10-2012

Since it is double track, here are a four examples of double track narrow gauge prototypes: The Oahu Railway, Cincinnati, Lebanon, & Northern, South Pacific Coast, and Boston, Revere Beach, & Lynn.

Enjoy those modules!

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - Catt - 05-12-2012

Got the end module framed up tonight/.It isn't quite finished yet ,but at least it is there. :mrgreen:

[Image: on30_5.jpg]

Legs are simply clamped in place for support.We wopn't be working on the layout again until 5/26/12 as Bill and I both have family stuff to do.

Re: N2TRAK to HO2TRAK to On30 - faraway - 05-13-2012

That looks good. What are your plans with the floor? I assume the blue plastic is a protective cover while you are working at the layout?