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Dcc sound for a caboose - Rscott417 - 02-05-2014

I'm looking to model a (ho scale) CSX transfer caboose. The prototype actually has a horn/whistle on it for grade crossings during switching moves. The caboose has an awful high pitched squeaky whistle that I think would be a great addition for a model. Does anyone make a sound decoder for a caboose? Here's a video of the caboose I'm looking to make.
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Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Charlie B - 02-05-2014

Many companies make a straight sound decoder. I think there are ones with different bells and whistles and you could mute all the other functions. The only other option would be to buy one that you can program with your own sound, but they are pricey. I installed MRC sounders in some of my diesels and they have quite a few different horns and bells. I think you might want to be sure the decoder supports CV 19 as you might want to consist it .
That sounds like an interesting project. Most cabooses had the caboose whistles on them. It would be nice to have one of them for a back up move.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Rscott417 - 02-05-2014

I would like to be able to put it in a consist I just don't know which decoder to use. All I need is a decoder with 1 sound and 1 lighting option for a horn and an EOT device. The horn doesn't have to sound exactly alike just something close, any suggestions?

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Charlie B - 02-05-2014

When you add the lighting option you may have to go with a full decoder. I don't know of any lights and sound only decoders. Maybe some one else can help

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - faraway - 02-05-2014

I read the new Bachmann diesel engines are equipped with a nice sound decoder. But I understood the decoder is intentionally limited in it's capabilities. May be you find a used one in ebay from someone who installed the full featured one.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - jwb - 02-05-2014

I think you may be trying to blaze a new path, since I would guess that most people haven't yet decided they want an EOT and a whistle in the same decoder. In that case, isn't your best option a combination of google and e-mail to knowledgeable dealers or manufacturers?

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Rscott417 - 02-05-2014

Does it matter if it's an EOT, warning beacon or ditch lights? It's still a lighting option right? I've seen videos on youtube of cabooses with all sorts of lighting options I didn't think it was such an odd thing to have a horn also.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Green_Elite_Cab - 02-05-2014

Not to be discouraging, but I don't think there is such a decoder. While there seem to be plenty of sound decoders in recent freight cars (stock cars, mechanical reefers, etc), there does not seem to be a sound and function only decoder available after-market.

I have had a desire for just such a decoder for all my Commuter cab cars, which I would like to light up and add sound to. I've asked about this in the past, and I have found few alternatives to just buying a full sound decoder and muting the engine sounds.

there are plenty of "function only" decoders out there, just no such decoders that also have sound.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Rscott417 - 02-05-2014

That's disappointing, still going to look into the option of muting the engine sound though.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Rscott417 - 02-05-2014

Got an email back from soundtraxx they told me the same thing, mute all sounds I don't want. They don't have anything that's just sound and lighting.

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - torikoos - 08-05-2014

I think Soundtraxx now has a product that you could use, the Tsunami Soundcar decoder, while a bit overkill for your use, it does do all that you want.


Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Mike Kieran - 08-06-2014

I'm actually planning on doing the same thing to a caboose of mine. I was just going to get a cheap MRC decoder. As for the diesel sound, I was just going to silence it or run it as a diesel generator on the caboose during the shove to the interchange. I wanted it more for the horn at grade crossings (yes, I'm mounting an air horn on my caboose).

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Green_Elite_Cab - 08-06-2014

I plan to use these in my cab cars.

Its a mobile sound and function only decoder, meant for these types of applications.

Tsunami SoundCar decoder

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - kamerad47 - 08-06-2014

Do you use the Tsunami sound car decoder in a Consists with your Locomotive ! & how do you control the locomotive sounds & the sound car sounds???? there not to clear on that???

Re: Dcc sound for a caboose - Green_Elite_Cab - 08-06-2014

The video showed the process, but I agree its also a little vague.

I'm thinking there must be a limited amount of consisting programming to be done, so that it knows which consist it belongs to. That said, i think the idea with the magnetic wand is that if you set a boxcar or something off to the side, it lets you "shut off" the consisting so that its not making noises while its sitting there on the siding as the rest of the train goes.

I'm guessing that for a cab car, the soundcar decoder would have to be in consist, otherwise how would you control the train?

I'm thinking though, that we're probably overthinking it a little. I'm sure that once we get one in our hands, it will be intuitive.