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Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-05-2014

HI all,

I am contemplating trying out one of the new Tsunami Soundcar decoders (freight car noises).

Does anyone know of power pickup wipers for retrofitting to a freight car, in order to establish electrical power for the decoder, when retro fitting the average box car?
I am aware of the existence of replacement trucks such as this one: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://factorydirecttrains.com/ringengineeringpowerpickuptruck33wheelsmodelppt-33tho.aspx">http://factorydirecttrains.com/ringengi ... 33tho.aspx</a><!-- m --> but I was wondering if there are brass wiper sets you could add to any truck?

Many thanks,


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - doctorwayne - 08-05-2014

Although they're currently out of stock, Bachmann's Parts Department offers axle wipers for four-wheel tender trucks, which are very similar in style and size to a standard HO scale freight truck. I have a dozen pair on order for retro-fitting to older loco tenders.


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-05-2014

Thanks Wayne,

I had a look through Athearn's part department, also shows some 4 axle power pick up strips for pax cars, but similarly out of stock…

Any others?


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-05-2014

I think I've found something suitable, anyone have experiences dealing with this company?

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://store.sbs4dcc.com/sbs4dcchoscaleho-a-f4w-atlflataxlewiper.aspx">http://store.sbs4dcc.com/sbs4dcchoscale ... wiper.aspx</a><!-- m -->


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - faraway - 08-06-2014

The traditional Kadee springs are quite useful pickups. I used than on all my steam tenders. Might be worth a test while waiting for the right stuff.
It is a modified H0 version derived from On30 trucks used on this web page http://www.pacificcoastairlinerr.com/mogul_tsunami/.
[Image: IMG_3546_zps3dc720d8.jpg]

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-06-2014

That's a good idea Reinhard :-)

I like solutions that don't cost me much or anything, worth experimenting with.


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-06-2014

here another one, similar to the one you suggest Reinhard.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.55n3.org/cars/tender_wipers/">http://www.55n3.org/cars/tender_wipers/</a><!-- m -->


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-19-2014

My decoder has arrived, so I got to work yesterday.
The humble beginnings of a Tsunami sound car install in an Atlas box car. The decoder is mounted in the car roof, the speaker is mounted on the floor ( a series of holes drilled first to let the sound come out) and a box constructed that will house lead shot or similar to replace the weight that had to be removed for the speaker. I will also increase the weight of the car for better running qualities and power pick up.


[Image: 14781543679_311a4eccf6_h.jpg]Soundcar install by K2K Koos, on Flickr

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - Rscott417 - 08-21-2014

what sound are you looking for out of a boxcar?

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 08-22-2014

couplers, brakes, clickety clack, wheel flange squeels etc.

Here's a link to a video of the first sound test:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://youtu.be/xoH0uPLM-6M">http://youtu.be/xoH0uPLM-6M</a><!-- m -->

And here it is, after weathering:

[Image: 14989530661_76e3849a27_h.jpg]Weathering a box car by K2K Koos, on Flickr


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - Rscott417 - 09-04-2014

Pretty cool Thumbsup I noticed the sound of the wheels meeting the rail joints started slow then were faster as a the car gained speed, would the car actually pick up the speed increase or is it at random?

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 09-05-2014

No it's not at random.

You actually consist the car to your loco , either by using a standard DCC consisting method, or the 'intelligent consisting' this car features, using a magnet.
This way it responds to the throttle responses of the loco and the car sounds are closer to the speed it's running.
If you have any momentum programmed in your locos, then the car can have those programmed too, so it accelerates the same.

The intelligent consisting works pretty easy, let's say you want to pick up the car from a car spot during a switching session:
Drive up with your loco (or train) up to the car to pick it up and couple to it. Wave a magnet above the car roof, an airbrake untie sound will be heard.
Now enter the loco number of the train you are coupling up with, and press F8 4 times. You hear an airbleed from retainer sound, indicating the car is 'connected' to your train. It will then make all the noises you have set up while you're running with that train until you want to set it out somewhere.
( clickety clack, wheel flange squeals, flat spots, or reefer compressors (if it is a reefer), all programmable and can be varied in intensity and frequency (some cars squeal more than others, while you wouldn't want flat spots on every car either)
Once the car is switched to it's destination spot/track and needs to be decoupled, you simply wave the magnet over the car, you'll hear the sound of the brakewheel turning and the brakes being set. This confirms the car is no longer part of your train, and you can move off with the train/loco and the car will be quiet.

You can also use it for passenger cars, as the decoder has lighting outputs, so you can program and connect interior lights, trailing lights, roof signal lights (caboose), end of train devices, and if you put it in a cab car, then train horns and bells are also included.


Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - Rscott417 - 09-05-2014

This is exactly what I was looking for when I had my transfer caboose/shoving platform. Now I wish I would have waited a month before I sold it.

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - torikoos - 09-08-2014


you could always buy another ;-)

Re: Power pick up for Freight cars - pacbelt - 11-10-2014

WOW!!! They didn't mention the "magnet bit" in Soundtraxx's promo video.
I want THAT!! 2285_