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Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-18-2016

So I have a Proto 2000 gp38-2 fitted with a LokSound decoder and an Intermountain sd40-2 with factory LokSound. I was messing around trying to put them into a consist, not only could I not figure out how to do it but now they won't respond to the throttle. The gp38 responds to everything but movement and sd40 is basically the same way except the headlight flashes twice when turned on and when the horn is pressed. I've tried to reprogram both of them and nothing is happening, any thoughts?

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - faraway - 06-18-2016

Might be there is "something" in CV 19 and they think they are still in a consist. Set CV 19 back to 0 and CV 1 (or 17+18) should be again the address in effect.

The idea behind consist is using the address in CV 19 instead of CV 1 but keep CV1 unchanged. The other consist CVs 21 and 22 are used to define how the function keys shall shall be used in the consist. You may set them to 255 for a first test.


Locomotive A has CV1 set to 5.
Locomotive B has CV1 set to 6.
You operate them independently with the addresses 5 and 6.

Now set CV 19 in BOTH units to 10.
You control both units at the same time under address 10.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-18-2016

I tried resetting cv 19 and still no movement, horn bell, lights, notching and coupler sounds all work

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - faraway - 06-18-2016

You did not by accident set CV 5 to zero?
If nothing helps you must write "8" into CV "8". That resets the decoder. Give it a try with the GP38-2.

I am not sure if Intermountain specific settings will be reset too with the CV8=8 general reset. Start with the GP38-2. It should be at address 3 again.

btw. Are you sure reading and writing CVs works technically ok? Make a short test with CV 2. Write some values below 5 and read them back. Set it back to 0 at the end of the test.

ps. I had a look into the MRC prodigy wireless manual (PDF) file. Your controller does some user friendly CV 19 programming under the hood. I have never seen or done that. It might be a handling problem with the prodigy device I am not aware of. I was under the impression you do manually reprogram CV 19. Looks like your prodigy device does it for you. May be some one with dedicated prodigy experience steps in here?

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Lester Perry - 06-20-2016

Contact prodigy tech support. They are very helpful and patient.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 06-20-2016

Set the locomotive address to 3 on the program track and see if they respond, if not try a factory reset on the programming track. As you know you can go direct to CV's on the main with the wireless but in this case I would try to reset to loco address 3 on the program track. Be sure the power is removed after reseting. (remove the loco from the track) This seems to help on the tough ones.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 06-20-2016

One other question, were you trying to consist the old way, which is kept in the controller, or with the advanced consist option? The instructions for an advance consist are on the back of the controller. MRC automatically configures most of the CV's you need for the consist. Sometime you need to manually set 21 and 22, but not often. At this point a reset to factory settings may be the only fast option.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-21-2016

Setting cv 8 to 8 did nothing. I tried putting both engines in a consist the old way which did nothing but at least both trains worked afterwards. Then I tried the advanced way and now here I am. If all other sound functions work and the controller is still in a consist wouldn't the engine still move? I'm really lost here.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 06-21-2016

What number did you assign to the consist? Are you addressing that number? The other functions should work by addressing the locomotive address but the motor functions shouldn't. Advanced consists are not in the controller, they are in the locomotive decoder. You can make a consist at home and go to another layout and the locomotives will still be consisted. To clear a consist list the consist and delete. The locomotives have to be on the main to do it. You can also set the cv19 on each locomotive to zero and that will clear the consist. Is this the only two locomotives you have tried to consist?

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-21-2016

Charlie I've cleared the consist and have already tried putting cv 19 to 0, I've only tried to consist these 2 locomotives.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 06-21-2016

I was writing this when your reply came so it may have some redundancy.

One more thing, and I don't mean to be talking down to you, I just don't know how new you are to DCC so forgive me if I sound dumb, but when you make an advanced consist you first make sure your locomotives respond to their individual address. just for an example one of your locomotives is assigned 1234 and the second unit is 4321. If they work as they are supposed to by accessing that address you can make an advanced consist. If not put them (one at a time) on your program track (you do have one?) and just reprogram the address you want. on the program track you do not have to know what address the locomotive is responding to to change the address, it will overwrite the CVs. also reset CV19 to zero while you are on the programming track.
Now place the locomotives on the main and turn on your hand held throttle. Make sure the respond to their address' . If they do Hit the "consist button once and "set" comes into the display. Hit the enter button once. Now enter a consist number (1-127 are the only numbers that will work) and press enter. now enter the number of the unit in the lead, lets use 1234 and press enter, now you can change the direction the locomotive will run by hitting the direction button. It should say FWD without changing it and if this is OK push "enter" Now "LOCO will flash so insert the second unit number here (4321) and set the direction as needed before hitting enter. If you are done adding engines just hit enter again and it will show a locomotive number on the throttle. This number will not be the consist. push the Loco key and when it flashes insert the consist number here. That is the number you will use to run the train.
I hope this helps. I had a hard time understanding it when I first started but it comes easy once you start.
Hope this helps

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-21-2016

Charlie you won't offend me what so ever, I had an NCE power cab throttle for 4 or 5 years and was super easy to use. It only held about 4 addresses so I kept having to reprogram my engines, I decided to upgrade and figured I'd go wireless and got this one for a steal on eBay. Both engines responded to their address before trying to put them in a consist. I did not know however that a consist address couldn't be a number over 127, I made it 777 so I'm not sure if that made a difference. I just tried putting the gp38 on a program track, reprogramming it and putting it back on the main track and I still get no movement out of it.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 06-21-2016

I am stumped. The only thing I can think of is the factory reset of the decoder is not working. I had read where some folks had trouble with the lok sound decoders, but personally mine have all been fine. If I think of anything else I will post.
As for the power cab you should never have had to reprogram engines just because it would only hold 4 in the throttle. all the programing is in the decoder in the locomotive, not in the control. Think of these throttles/controls as keyboards for the computer that is in the locomotives.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Lester Perry - 06-22-2016

All you need to do is call them @ 732-225-6360. I believe the guys name is Frank, he will help you through any problems you may have. They have a fantastic tech support. I have called them many times

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 06-22-2016

Ok thanks for the number Lester, I'll give him a call. Thanks for your help Charlie and Reinhard.