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Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Lester Perry - 06-23-2016

No problem, good luck

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 07-06-2016

Today I'm off so I decided I'd try the phone number that Les suggested. I set up a couple pieces of track, got the locomotives out and for some reason I decided that I have an Athearn Genesis gp40-2 with tsunami sound so I tested that on out first and it worked perfectly fine. Then I put the 2 locomotives on that I was originally posting about and they worked perfectly fine as well so I have no clue what happened or why they work again but they do so thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and help.

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 07-07-2016

Charlie B Wrote:Now place the locomotives on the main and turn on your hand held throttle. Make sure the respond to their address' . If they do Hit the "consist button once and "set" comes into the display. Hit the enter button once. Now enter a consist number (1-127 are the only numbers that will work) and press enter. now enter the number of the unit in the lead, lets use 1234 and press enter, now you can change the direction the locomotive will run by hitting the direction button. It should say FWD without changing it and if this is OK push "enter" Now "LOCO will flash so insert the second unit number here (4321) and set the direction as needed before hitting enter. If you are done adding engines just hit enter again and it will show a locomotive number on the throttle. This number will not be the consist. push the Loco key and when it flashes insert the consist number here. That is the number you will use to run the train.
I hope this helps. I had a hard time understanding it when I first started but it comes easy once you start.
Hope this helps

Charlie I followed your instructions step by step, they worked fine as far as moving 2 engines, all other functions like horn headlight and bell do not work. I'm starting to think maybe it's my Mrc controller? I have one engine that won't respond at all when put into a consist but responds fine on its own. Wallbang

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Charlie B - 07-08-2016

You are saying one locomotive will not consist at all? If hat is the case try a direct entry into CV19 with the consist number, then address that number and see what happens. Try different numbers here. some decoders have been known to not respond to random address'. I would recommend you join the MRC DCC yahoo group. there are guys there that really know the system, in fact Frank from MRC monitors it. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Re: Mrc prodigy wireless issues - Rscott417 - 07-09-2016

Charlie B Wrote:You are saying one locomotive will not consist at all? If hat is the case try a direct entry into CV19 with the consist number

When I followed your instructions I was able to consist 2 locomotives but only responded to movement. Horn, bell and lights did not work. The same goes for setting cv19. And yes one locomotive doesn't respond at all to consisting.