Modular railroading in the UK
Here some more background information on the motivation on why that forum was created. You will see that the below message / request was posted prior to it's creation, but it provides an insight in the reasons why, and it's aims. I hope that this will help those who are interested in (UK) modular model railroading, decide whether this forum is for you, and sign up and join in the fun.

Cheers, Koos

Open letter to all Freemo modular users and stakeholders in the UK (you may
forward this if you think I have missed anyone)

Apologies if this gets to you twice (or more) via different routes, i've
put individual addresses in BCC but it has also gone to several groups and
individuals who I know are currently involved in our Freemo efforts in the

I'd been thinking for a while now that we could do with a group to 'hub'
info on modular topics and events to allow better advertising/organising of
meets involving more than one group and also sharing info (if you're
anything like me you'll love hearing about setups that folk have done!)

My initial thought was another yahoo group, but I've been swayed to the
opinion recently though that a forum rather than a yahoo group would
provide a better location for that, it would allow multiple 'threads' on
events to co-exist and be visible at the same time, it would allow images
from those events to be added in-line so plans could be added before the
event and photo's/videos after the event so folk can get an idea of what
went on. There could also be limited scope for modelling discussion outside
that (there will be some overlap with general modelling, but my intention
is not to take away from any existing group or forum.)

A rough outline of the forum structure could be something like:

*Module standards
*Upcoming events
*Past events (archive of above posts)
*Module design & construction discussion
*Modelling info
*Prototype info

I believe at the moment we have 2 groups (one within the umbrella of the
NMRA and one outside) that are capable of hosting a modular meet, we have a
third group (NMRA) which is moving towards that point, and we have a
handful of folk (my count is 4) - with the numbers of users gradually
increasing, so we now have lots of people working to compatible, if not
identical standards.

The talk this week on the NMRA-MWG (apologies if you are not part of that)
has pushed this issue forward in my mind. I believe every single one of us
working in this format, whether we are members of the NMRA or not, has a
lot to lose if the NMRA was to make a decision to become parochial about
their version of this. It would have the effect of the NMRA groups cutting
themselves off from the many folk who are already working with, (or looking
at working with) something compatible to them but who are not members. I
can't believe that is something that is in their interest.

So I ask you to consider this proposal.

I would create a forum, all users or people interested in this format would
be welcome.
The forum would not be 'the NMRA' or 'about the NMRA', but I would ensure
it was a place sympathetic to that organisation as a promoter of compatible
I would envisage a hard rule that we don't allow NMRA 'politics' discussion
as it's not an NMRA venue. The point is the railroading and not the NMRA.
It would be somewhere where, (provided the representatives of the various
NMRA groups are on the ball) they could promote the modular projects within
your groups, promote what you do and if interested folk were local to
you invite them along, hopefully to become prospective members.

I believe we all get further when we build bridges and not walls.

Apologies for the long post. Comments welcome. Thanks all!

Martyn Read
RS Tower Freemo
NMRA Member
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