Install Tsunami Sound in Athearn Genesis GP15-1
Hi Reinhard, the universal Tsunami decoders I've used have that function, I must admit I have no experience with the 'AT' version. However, there seems to be one spot on the board with a 'lightning' symbol, I'm thinking this is a +V spot before the build in resistors on the 'AT' board, and might have full track power. So I think there are ways to make it work.


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I'm getting the impression that the design has changed as previously they didn't have resistors on board, and they seem to have now. However I'd think if you connected behind the resistors with another value resistor, you'd be able to get sufficient voltage for the led's too.
On another forum I found this exchange (answer) from Soundtraxx to someone: "In order to install LED’s or bulbs with the TSU-GN1000 you will need to wire to the +14 common. To locate the +14 common look near the two silver capacitors. You will see a small brass circle that goes all the way through the board and is labeled “+14” in white letters. This will take place of the existing common (+). For LED’s you will need to wire in a resistor for each light"
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