Install Tsunami Sound in Athearn Genesis GP15-1
Koos, thank you. That is very helpful.
I did find the drawing explaining how to find the 1.5V common on universal boards (for the bulb freaks) but the information about the +15V on drop in boards is new to me and very useful (for the LED freaks like me).

I have a drop in on order for easy fit into my CSX YN3 GP15T with bulbs and "standard" Tsunami with wires with 645 sound for MILW MP15AC and 567 sound for CR RS3m. The MP15AC and RS3m (Atlas RS3 drive) have home made PCBs and LEDs and it will be no "drop in". The Tsunami 1000 decoder is much larger (longer and thicker) than the ZIMO MX630 and I have to find a place for the speakers too. That will keep me busy some time.

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