WARNING! Rapido GMD-1 ditch lights
The day to use the 21 pin adapters came sooner than expected. I am in need for EMD Tsunami 2 for my four Athearn GP15-1 and Germany is sold out. I got two in the US. They are in transit between US and Europe. The other two could be found in UK. Tough luck, Royal Mail misrouted them from Heathrow to Edinburg where they are stuck since three days... That is the moment to get the EMD Tsunami 2 with 21 pins and the ESU 21 pin adapters.

I made two custom boards with the size of standard Athearn/Atlas/Tsunami dimensions. The ESU 21 pin adapter got jumper wires for the standard signals (2 * wheels, 2 * motor, blue and front/rear light).

[Image: 35840622373_32a82883c0_c.jpg]

The jumpers got wired to the custom board. I have my own "in house" standard of this often used boards. Outside is pickup followed by motor and the center is blue and one lead is cut to form white (front) and yellow (rear).

[Image: 36253598850_cb41c0cd3b_c.jpg]

The "standard" board is easy mounted on the GP15 drive with double sided sticky tape. the small 2 pin connectors are my standard to connect the LEDs mounted in the shell to the drive.

[Image: 35840622753_78023240b0_c.jpg]

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