Tsunami 2 in Atlas CSX Genset
Got my Tsunami 2 for the Gensets. A CSX Genset with dynamic breaks was the first one for conversion.

[Image: 38512255615_a58c317293_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr
[Image: 27613041139_f6555d77d4_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr

The tiny ditch light PCBs need some modification. Cut the printed wire from the black wire to the outer end of the LED and prepare it to be individually soldered. Next trill a hole next to the black wire hole and run a new wire through it and solder it on the prepared printed wire. The new wire shall be routed together with the old black wire to the decoder. Cover all up with tape. It must not touch the engine parts.
(This has been described some time ago in the internet but I could not find it and had to reinvent it for me).

[Image: 39360104212_9d9af27ef4_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr
[Image: 39390244661_1ffb2b1736_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr

The Tsunami fits but the mounting holes do not fit. I do not like to mount the soldering ends over the weights but shortened the weights and mounted the decoder with double side sticky tape on top of the motor. That mounting method placed the decoder quite low and you get plenty of space for six 1k5 resistors protecting all LEDs.

[Image: 39390244821_920bf284db_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr
[Image: 24524563787_874e493929_c.jpg]IMG_5913 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr

ps. My version of decoder pro does not handle the value of 11 in CV 123 for the motor selection correct. It falls back to 3. I had to set CV 123 manually to 11 to get the Genset sound. The startup sound is unique. I would see a garage when my car starts with that sound :o

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