Jumping to DCC and Need Help with Everything
I don't usually do it more than once a year, but on at least one occasion when I visit my good friend Charlie, in Ohio, I do the "250-bounce":  roughly 250 miles from my place to Charlie's, another 250 from Charlie's to Montoursville, and, of course, the final 250 to get back home.

Last year there were no cross-border trips at all, so it's a wait-and-see when (or if) the border will re-open this year.

I do buy stuff from English' through their on-line Toy Train Heaven site, but their weekly offerings are a set list of sale items.  I have those orders sent to Charlie's place to avoid the fees which are charged when stuff bought in the States is shipped into Canada. 
If I'm down there more than 48 hours (my usual visit with Charlie is 3 or 4 days at a time - about the limit of my budget), all of those items can be taken back to Canada without charge, as long as the total value is under $800.00 Cdn.


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