Found a photo to justify my locomotive :)
My favorite steam wheel arrangement is the 4-4-2.  Not sure why, maybe because they were quickly superseded by the 4-6-2 making them unusual.  

I found a Mantua 4-4-2 at a train show about 10 years ago, and paid about $10 for it.  It runs great, but lacks a few details.  However, I debated whether to letter it for my fictional railroad, or just leave it as-is.  I just couldn't picture a small Arizona shortline owning a 4-4-2.  In the universe of my fictional railroad, There was a line connecting Phoenix to Safford and the mining regions around there.  There was a proposed line, the Arizona Eastern, connecting those towns, but the last segment was never actually built.  

Yesterday I stumbled across this photo online of the opening of the Phoenix Union train station.  And lo and behold, an Arizona Eastern 4-4-2!

I could find a MDC SP cab to throw on my locomotive.  I have a Vanderbilt tender...

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