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Wanted to share an experience i had with Wholesale trains. for the past several weeks i was looking at the Atlas Genset locomotives. i wanted to get one in Norfolk Southern. a friend of mine has one, and ever since i saw it i wanted one. its a very nice looking locomotive. i looked around at numerous places, and found Wholesale Trains. I never ordered from them before and was not sure what they were like. however they have the lowest price on Gensets. i talked to Charlie B. and he stated had ordered from them in the past and his experience was a positive one. so i thought cannot hurt to try.

I placed my order with them by their online store at 6pm on a Friday and I had the locomotive by 5pm the following Wednesday. which i think is really fast, faster than i expected ! a nice thing they did as well was they sent me several e-mails letting me know when the item was shipped, where it was and estimated delivery date.

The locomotive aarrived by FEDXEX and it was packaged in a safe and secure fashionl. Atlas really hit it out of the park on this locomotive. the details are sharp and crisp abd accurate and it runs like a Champ. i like it so much i am considering getting another one in CSX. just thought i would pass this information along.

I had the polar opposite experience with them when I tried to order a set of the BLI centipedes from them. I was told by them that I was going to get one from Broadways first run, after they were out for about a months time I sent them numerous Emails that were not answered by them. Only after I called them was I told that I would be getting one from the 2nd run because they did not order enough of them to fill their first group of orders. So I would have to wait a little longer. At the time of this call I asked to speak with a manager, but none was available. So I waited. A few weeks later someone got hold of my check card # that was used to put the deposit on the centipedes, I Got a new # from the bank called up Wholesale trains gave it to them and was told that the 2nd would be in next week. The next week came, they tried to charge the old card # ,it was declined and they canceled my order. So I called them again, explained to the very person that I gave the new card # to what had happened and again asked to speak to a manager, none was available again. He told me that She ( the manager )would call me back, I Never got a call. Just an email saying that I would now have to wait for the 3rd run, no apology for the mistake. I called them back and asked them to cancel my order, they wanted to charge me a cancellation fee. At this point I was furious, and asked for a manager again, you guessed it none was available. The only good that came from this is that they were unable to charge me the cancellation fee because they lost my new card # 357 There stupidity worked against them. I will NEVER give them any business again. The only bad part to this story is that I don't want to own the centipedes any more because they would only remind me of the whole experience.
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I ordered from them once and never again! Not a good experience. Web page showed items as being in stock/available that weren't. I received defective merchandise from them, that I couldn't return because I had opened the package! I would advise anyone considering ordering from them to read their "Returns / Cancellation Policy" page first (which I didn't do!!): http://www.wholesaletrains.com/ReturnPolicy.asp Especially note paragraph three...
On a brighter note, I can't say enough good things about M. B. Klein (Model Train Stuff) https://www.modeltrainstuff.com/
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Ed, Thanks for the heads up on their return page. I've never had a problem with them and after reading the "no returns for any reason" note on cars, locomotives and track I am sure I won't have one. I have been dealing with them a long time, and probably should have read the fine print sooner.
I do know that when it says "Available" does not mean in stock, it means they will ship it when they get it.
Thanks again.
E-Paw, how about these:
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Then you can remember that you got them 20 bucks cheaper (a good memory). (((they are well worth having)))
I used them a couple of times with no issues. Still, I will be careful in the future.

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