UP's M-10005 'City of Denver' of 1936
Some Photos of scratchbuilding the A- and B-unit:
Turning this
[Image: rahmen2.jpg]

and this
[Image: front_1.jpg]

via this
[Image: side_1.jpg]

into that
[Image: side_1.jpg]

and that
[Image: front_3.jpg]

Detailing the shell with batten & rivets will follow this autumn /winter
Currently the aux-power/baggage car #11700 is under construction.

That's very cool Cheers . Can you go into some detail on how your drive works ,and the body construction please ? Big Grin
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Hi e-paw,

regarding your questions:
1) Power supply is by on-board batteries (two sets of three 12V-batteries in series). Either one very powerful 4QD-controller or two less powerful controllers (one for each truck) in a master-slave set-up will manage the four PM-motors (one on each axle) of the A-unit. The controllers are similar to those of golf-carts with forward/reverse and regenerative braking capability. Motors are connected via an idler to the axle (gear reduction app. 4:1).
The (master-)controller will be connected to a control box (wired through the B-unit).
The drive line it's not finished now, however, apart from being (much) more powerful as in my other locomotives, it's up to just the same.

2) Plain areas of the shell received a basic layer of fiber-board,on a steel-tube frame. The nose was shaped from styrofoam, the roof from expanded metal screen. All areas were covered with app. 1/4" glass-reinforced plastic. Finally the foam core of the nose was removed.

A view into the shell (nose area) after removel of the foam-core
[Image: int_1.jpg]

More pix you'll find here in my projects' blog :

Absolutely amazing!!! Looks superb! Thumbsup
That is one beautiful locomotive, a job very well done. Please keep us updated. I am in awe of your accomplishment.
Awesome!!!!!! What's the scale and gauge?

Sent from my pocket calculator using two tin cans and a string
Thanks for the nice comments!

Scale is between 1.6" and 1.7" to the foot (1/7.3 in 'metric' system)). It will be running on 7 1/4" gauge (gauge used in Europe and Eastern US).
I know, scale is a bit too large (should rather have been between 1/8 and 1/7.8) but it fits to the wheel's diameter I'd on hand.

Excellent modelling! Highest craftsmanship! Congratulation to your extraordinary models!
And I love the Aero train!
Norman, where can you run these locos and trains?
Cheers, Bernd

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Hello Bernhard,

There are more than half a dozen live steam clubs in a distance up to 50 miles from here. No problem to run one's train there as a guest after asking permission & giving a small donation at the day's end. They usually welcome visiting trains to get some variation of their rolling stock which consists mainly more of narrow-gauge steamers with rolling sit-astride benches for public transport rather than real 'model trains'.
But currently I prefer building trains rather than running them...
However, photos taken on those tracks are much nicer than in front of my house on the pavement...

[Image: aero_800.jpg]

But it is too much effort to take the models under construction to a club for a photo-session without actually being able to run them.

Best regards
WOW. Eek

Amazing work! I would love to build a model that size, but I would most certainly go live steam and that would be much too time intensive and expensive!
(nothing but the sound of my jaw hitting the floor)
My primary goal is a large Oahu Railway layout in On3
My secondary interests are modeling the Denver, South Park, & Pacific in On3 and NKP in HO
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Some further progress:
A-unit's skirts were reaching too much downward (never trust schematic diagrams in books....) in comparison to prototype's photos - so here's the revised design.
Additionally the trucks received all of the (virtual) brake equipment etc.:

[Image: side_042.jpg]

front window's shape was revised at the edges

[Image: iso.jpg]

Shell and roof of the ride-on engineer's car (prototype's auxiliary power baggage) are basically finished - however, same problem with a skirt reaching too much downward...so another 'optimization loop' will follow

[Image: side_04_01.jpg]

[Image: iso_04_01.jpg]

Some progress on the A-unit - after sanding most of the details (steps, handrails, logos & herald, additional exhausts, battens) have been applied:

[Image: front_low_1.jpg]

[Image: side+obl_1.jpg]

[Image: side.jpg]

Now similar treatment of the B-unit and then setting rivets, lots / thousands of rivets....


(to estimate the dimensions of the unit: distance between sleepers is app. 8")
Now with additional stirrups/ladders, several hatches and fuel glasses and the B-unit on the same level of details:

[Image: a-unit.jpg]

[Image: b-unit.jpg]

[Image: front_1.jpg]

Incredible work Norman :o Thumbsup Worship


Such is life

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