Kick off with our 5th anniversary photo contest rules
Okie Dokie, here we are into December of 2013 already. No real biggie except that on the 17th of this month, Big Blue Train Forum will be five years old. We have had many photo and build challenges in this time for different themes. We’ve had weekly photo threads, and I don’t even have to mention what we’ve learned and the friends that we’ve made over these years because of these challenges and photo contests. Well, we have another photo contest for you all in celebration of our fifth anniversary. The idea is we want to see a photo with the number, “5” in it. We need you to have taken the picture, which can be of anything train related. It can be on an engine, a sign, a structure, a right-of-way or on anything else. It can be part of a layout a diorama, a single object or something full-scale, it doesn’t matter.

We normally don’t award prizes in our contests or challenges, but we will make an exception this time. The winner of this photo contest will get an official “Big Blue Train Forum” coffee mug. Because of this, Staff member’s photos will not be entered into the contest’s voting poll. They can, however, still post photos, but they will be excluded from the voting poll. The winner and the first two runner-ups will be awarded certificates.

One other twist, we have a few different “fifth anniversary” logos that we’ve created just for, well, our fifth anniversary. If one of these logos appears in the photo, that photo will be awarded one extra vote. If it appears on a piece of rolling stock, the photo will be awarded two extra votes at the end of the poll. You can download these logos from this thread.

Please bear in mind that this contest is all in fun, and we certainly don’t want to start any battles or hear any quibbling (as did happen in another forum that we’re aware of), just because there is a prize. A coffee mug isn’t worth losing friends over, that’s for sure.

The Rules:
  1. You can enter any train-related photo that has the number “5” in it. The number can stand by itself or can also have zeros in it. No other numbers are allowed. For example, 5, 005, 500, 0505, 5500 are all acceptable. Even 5555 would be OK as long as it only has fives, or fives and zeros in it.
  2. The numbers must be fully visible in the photo.
  3. Post your picture or pictures in the thread titled, "Fifth anniversary photo contest". Multiple entries per person will be acceptable; each one will be individually entered in the voting poll. This thread here is reserved for comments or questions, please post your photos in the thread provided, otherwise we will either move it there or it won’t be counted in the voting poll.
  4. Remember, as stated above, if you use one of our anniversary logos as they appear, they already have a “5” in them so no more is needed. Although more than one "5" in different places in your entry is acceptable but no other number (other than zero) can be showing anywhere (with the exception of the dates on some of our supplied logos).
  5. This contest starts right now, and will run until January 1st. A poll will open after that date, so that we can pick a winner.
Good luck to everyone that enters.
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