Dcc sound for a caboose
Mike Kieran Wrote:I'm actually planning on doing the same thing to a caboose of mine. I was just going to get a cheap MRC decoder. As for the diesel sound, I was just going to silence it or run it as a diesel generator on the caboose during the shove to the interchange. I wanted it more for the horn at grade crossings (yes, I'm mounting an air horn on my caboose).

That's exactly what I wanted to do with mine but I gave up and just sold it on ebay along with my CSX GP15
Green_Elite_Cab Wrote:The video showed the process, but I agree its also a little vague.

I'm thinking though, that we're probably overthinking it a little. I'm sure that once we get one in our hands, it will be intuitive.

I'll have mine on Monday :-)
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