OK Free-mo First Group Setup!!
Over the weekend of May 3rd & 4th of 2014 the OK Free-mo group had their first setup here in OKC. Some of the members of the group had setup with other groups for other events, but this was the first time just our group setup. As of right now we have no club modules, they are all individually owned and are in various stages of completion. We operated the layout as a point to point with as many as three operators running trains at once. The setup went well and we had trains running by the time the doors opened on Saturday, there were no issues to speak of and people were interested to watch us switch cars instead of go around in circles really fast.

Here are a few photos of some of the modules at the show:

This is my module based on a location in along the Deschutes River in Oregon

[Image: Greg1_zps8cfdcf60.jpg]

This is a module featuring an elevator and transload facility:

[Image: Todd-mo_zps40b546b3.jpg]

This is brush creek

[Image: Eastman-mo_zps1749c1ac.jpg]

As you can see some modules are a little more complete than others

[Image: MP44_zps0bad018d.jpg]
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Looks like a nice set-up Thumbsup Glad it all went so well.


Such is life

Yeah we were pleasantly surprised!!

WE hope that next time we can double the size of what we had this time.
Be Wise Beware Be Safe
"Mountain Goat" Greg

It looks like you are all off to a great start!

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But don't you know that people don't want to see opps? Nope Just ask NTRAK they will tell you that.That must explain why we had crowds 3 and 4 people deep when ever we did switching on our old NTRAK layout. Eek

Plus 1 for what Mike said. :mrgreen:
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