Fremo Southwest Division Meeting Mutschelbach 2014 (Germany)

Last weekend and it was a long weekend because Thursday was a Ascension and the following Friday many people took one their holidays. So there were 4 days in following of free time.
So the Fremo Southwest Division set up a module meeting in Mutschelbach near Karlsruhe during this time. As the name tolds the Southwest Division "plays" mainly in the US southwest.

[Image: dsc07531cxrj7.jpg]

[Image: dsc075325vob6.jpg]

[Image: dsc07533w3qct.jpg]

[Image: dsc07534oxqs3.jpg]

[Image: dsc07535nyqa9.jpg]
Still busy at work setting up buildings, scenery details, vehicles and at least rolling stock.

More of these?

Quote:More of these?
If you have more photos, then please do post them, thanks. Smile
The following photos were shot on the modular industrial area named "Dixie Springs" by it's builder:

[Image: dsc076326uop3.jpg]

[Image: dsc07633shqtz.jpg]

[Image: dsc07634nhrjm.jpg]

[Image: dsc07636rmpkt.jpg]

[Image: dsc07637mvri6.jpg]

[Image: dsc07639jxou4.jpg]

[Image: dsc07640rkpl7.jpg]

Lutz - some very good ideas - if you have more please post them
Another industrial area was the setup named Clearwater Industries. The track plan mirrors the classic Time Saver concept of the famous John Allen. This was set up anywhere in Florida. The builder of the modules wanted to have the typical buildings and so all of them are scratchbuilt. Some of the buildings are yet not completely done and some others only exist as raw structure out of heavy cardboard.

[Image: dsc07572s7jl3.jpg]
Waiting with the caboose in a spur until the switching job starts.

[Image: dsc075788sj2w.jpg]
Below there are some sockets for the loconet utility throttles.

[Image: dsc07577zqkjf.jpg]
The truck loading dock of Trujillo & Sons, a catering enterprise. Left in the building behind the truck, as food have to be cooled rsp. refrigerateted, a small ventilator fan was mounted inside which blows steadily some air...

[Image: dsc07576p3kb8.jpg]
Pier 69.

[Image: dsc07575m0kgz.jpg]

[Image: dsc075741pjp1.jpg]
On Saturday i was in duty for switching the Clearwater Industies. But was the meaning of the term "duty"? It was sheer plasure Big Grin
So sorry, i was so busy with switching, that i did not took any photos during the switching. Most photos were shot afterwards. For switching i decided to take my 0-4-0 Pennsy A5, yes the Standard Railroad Of The World is everywhere... :mrgreen:
After work was done and waiting for a permit to enter the big yard.

Hi Lutz - Nice to see that Clearwater Industries is still going strong - I remember it from a while back <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5320</a><!-- l -->
Hi shortliner,
Thomas, the builder and owner of Clearwater Industries, told me all about Clearwater and the future plans for it. Clearwater is still growing and becomes more and more detailed.

[Image: dsc075731ok7e.jpg]
This photo i shot when waiting for permit to enter Chicagau Yard. They are still busy switching and in this case a switching unit is pulling out onto the main.
I remark the rather narrow radius for the mainline track.

And now the Chief is coming:
[Image: dsc075880crla.jpg]
The complete train shot on Millinocket station. A ABBA consist of F7's in classic warbonnet design pulling 12 cars.
Millinocket are a guest modules from the North East built by Carsten. The set up "plays", i believe so, in Maine. But is heartly welcome in the South West and fully integrated.

[Image: dsc07581p6okr.jpg]

[Image: dsc07582b4qim.jpg]

[Image: dsc07583xbr2n.jpg]

[Image: dsc075840xofr.jpg]

[Image: dsc07585vcq2u.jpg]

[Image: dsc07586nzp4v.jpg]
Entering Weber Canyon.

These are great!!

Thank you for posting them!
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These are cool pics. Real nice.
One detail note. We spell tires with an "I" not a "Y" over here in the states.
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I went to my Happy Place, but it was closed for renovations.
Wow! Love the pics of the long Super Chief!
They did it again!
The "Monster" coaltrain, 84 hoppers, 2 caboose and 12 live locos:

[Image: dsc07608xai4f.jpg]
Not the whole train.

[Image: dsc07609w6ipk.jpg]

[Image: dsc07611qxig1.jpg]
Still yet not the whole train.

[Image: dsc07612gyfjp.jpg]

[Image: dsc076134wchf.jpg]
Here you can see the whole train.

[Image: dsc076147tiis.jpg]


nice pictures from meeting.
I hope for seeing in Unna in 12 days? For remembering - US FREMO meeting of Unna Division.
Cheers, Bernd

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