McKeens & other doodlebugs
Some pictures of doodlebugs in 1/29 in various stages of the scratchbuilding process.
Up to now there are a rebuilt McKeen motor car, a unmodified McKeen and a rebuilt & streamlined gas-electric

UP's M-23 rebuilt (from gas-mechanic to gas-electric) McKeen car - basic body made from an Aristo-Craft heavyweight
[Image: m23%2Btop.jpg]

[Image: m23%2Bside.jpg]

[Image: obl_1.jpg]

[Image: roof_n_1.jpg]

[Image: up22.jpg]

[Image: 15_03_08%2Bfront_rev.jpg]

[Image: side_04.jpg]

[Image: front_fin.jpg]

[Image: side1_fin.jpg]

McKeen car's shell with a non-Harriman knife-shaped nose (McKeens for Harriman lines received a parabolic-shaped nose)
Started from another Aristo-Craft heavyweight as a basic shell

[Image: side_n2_04.jpg]

[Image: side_n_04.jpg]

PRR's #4663 - a shop-rebuilt former gas-electric, streamlined and re-motored to oil-electric

Basic shell from an Aristo-Craft Doodlebug

[Image: ES_04.jpg]

[Image: FS_side_04.jpg]

Nice craftsmanship Norman! The M-23 has such classic lines. Great work on the details. How did you create the lines of rivets in the 7th photo?

Hi Ralph,
thanks for the nice comment.
Rivet (lines) are made with Archer rivet decals (G scale rivets; single and staggered rows). The decals are quite easy to handle - however, for a 'steam-punk'-like shell as a McKeen car with many rivet lines it's a rather expensive solution...however, setting so many miniature rivets with a similar precision (I used a 'plastic' body, so careful & slow drilling would have been necessary) seems almost impossible to me.

Best regards
For us ignorant, what's an HW? Whatever, the results are great.
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BR60103 Wrote:For us ignorant, what's an HW? Whatever, the results are great.

HW is often used as a short form of heavyweight, and, since I'm a bit late to the party, and it appears that Norman has already edited his post to clear up that issue.

Norman: that's a very nicely-done model of a car not seen too often. You are correct about the expense of the Archer rivet sheets, but I've found the spacing of theirs (HO scale for mine) to be more useful than the slightly less-expensive ones from MicroMark.

An update on PRR's #4663

[Image: 05-15%2Bup%2Bfront.jpg]

[Image: 05-15%2Bfront%2B2.jpg]

[Image: 05-15%2Brear.jpg]

Basic paint job on PRR #4663 is finished

[Image: side_1.jpg]

[Image: side_2.jpg]

[Image: front_1.jpg]

[Image: rear_3.jpg]

Lettering will follow soon

Your paint job went very well. The fine gold line looks very exact drawn.

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