Freemo Extravaganza 2015 (UK) Photos
The largest Freemo* meet yet in the UK happened this weekend. Great fun was had by all, it all mainly worked and we met old friends and made some new.
The setup
[Image: Armitage2015-at020815-L.jpg]
[Image: image-M.jpg]
A couple of nice shots
[Image: image-M.jpg]
[Image: image-M.jpg]
The rest of the gallery of pics is here
See also this thread on the RMWeb forum for other pics and info
*Freemo is a UK modular spec for North American prototype models)
Tim David
Thank you for sharing these photos looks like a lot of fun.
Be Wise Beware Be Safe
"Mountain Goat" Greg
Thanks for sharing here too.

It was a great meet, which I sadly could not attend. Don't forget though that next year in May a similar meet is being organised in Christow, near Exeter, Devon UK.
I hope to be present then.

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Thanks for sharing the photos. Sure it was fun to attend this meet. Maybe next year will go to the UK and attend a tran show.

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