LED with Athearn standard PCB
The usual Athearn PCB designed for 1.5 Volt bulbs can be easy modified to be used with LEDs too. Just unsolder the white (front) and yellow (rear) wires from the DCC decoder plug and connect them directly via a 1kOhm resister to the _N_ connectors at the ends of PCB. Just two minutes and you are ready to install your preferred LEDs into the Athearn shell.

I do not use the 9 pin connector more usual in north america but it should be possible too to "steal" the white and yellow cables from the 9 pin connector and route them via the 1kOhm resistors to the _N_ connectors on the PCB.

[Image: 24811313815_62cb5f283a_b.jpg]IMG_4785 by faraway52, on Flickr
To avoid beginning an extra thread, i post it here.

[Image: dsc004297az16.jpg]
Incandesdent bulbs vs LEDs.
On the zebra striped GP9 both bulbs are burning of course. But i am assured 100% the bulbs were branded with "Lucas". Icon_idea
The blue-yellow GP9 was just retrofitted with 2mm warm white LEDs and 1.2 Kohm resistors. There is an soldering spot marked with "14+" on the PCB (Tsunami) to which the "+" leg of the LEDs were connected.

Cheers Lutz

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