QSI Sound decoders in Atlas engines
My Atlas engines with QSI sound decoders arrived with a small booklet explaining how to program. There are long section about sound programming for DC only as well as DCC operation. Both booklets I have do not mention how to program the basics of DCC motor control and I assumed there are no CVs t be programmed for motor control. The engines had an awful jump start and a lightning top speed. I considered QSI decoders as barely useable and replaced them with other (none) sound DCC decoders.

This an example of Atlas documentation for those decoders

I stumbled last night over this very similar document

All of a sudden is there an appendix 2 (page 50) listing all the usual CV I am used to. Indeed the QSI decoders has most (my old version has no CV6) needed to setup a smooth and slow running switcher (MP15DC in my case). e.g. CV 2-5 set to 1,5,5,80 results makes an outstanding switcher on a small ISL Big Grin

I post this just in case you are irritated like me by the little printed booklets shipped with the model not mentioning any CVs to control the motor.

My darling got it's voice back
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Reinhard, I have found there are a lot of adjustments to decoders and CV's that are not listed on many of the "cheaper" ones. I think they want people to think it is cheap and do like you did and replace them. I am very cheap so I play around. I usually get them to do what I want, but never keep track. In many cases good old Google comes through.
Reinhard? What happened? You are operating a sound locomotive? I'm guessing you have reduced the sound of the primemover to comfortably low levels and just use the horn etc a bit louder (even just using the horn is fun). :-)

I'm just making sure you are ok, as this seems a big step for you :-) Icon_lol

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Hi Koos, I have some Tsunami sound decoders in the drawer and got a nasty problem lately. My beloved Zimo decoders do not operate well with the newest Athearn bulbs. They lite up and become dimmed to total darkness within 2 minutes. Looks like somehow draws the new generation of Athearn PCB more current than the older ones. Zimo reacts with a current reduction to prevent an overheat situation.
What to do? Take the Tsunami sound decoders out of the drawer (they have no problem handling the Athearn bulb festival) and try to teach them good and smooth motor handling. That worked fine and a NS GP38-2 and a NS GP40-2 got sound.

I did also take the other way to fix the problem at some engines. Replace the ugly bulbs with LEDs.

The MP15DC would be a nice engine running together with the NS engines but got the QSI sound decoder removed due to assumed rough motor handling. That is when I tried to teach the QSI sound decoder good motor handling too and it worked!

But you guess right, the primemover sound is dramatically reduced. Anyhow operating bell and horn (at a low volume too) is a lot of fun to me.

Conclusion: A sound decoder is welcome if it has good motor control and the sound is at a low level or switched off.

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