ESU and Zimo programming on an iMac
The ESU and Zimo decoder hardware programmers and their Windows software can be installed under Windows 7 running under VMWare Fusion 8 on an iMac Mid 2011.

The tricky part is the hardware connection. Both old devices are designed for an serial interface. Both come with an serial to USB converter. Problem is that the old ESU converter from Prolific is not recognized but a "Future Devices" adapter works fine. Serial to USB converters are some kind of roulette. Be prepared to test several until one works fine for you.

I made a clone of the Windows 7 virtual machine and run the Windows 10 update. Good news, everything (ESU and Zimo hard- and software) continue to work as before! Looks like Microsoft supports the "Future Devices" Serial to USB adapter out of the box.
Do not hesitate to upgrade your virtual machine if you need Windows 10 for some other up to date applications.

Might be good to know for us "apples" as ESU sound decoders become more used lately.

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