Sound decoder install project

this are the CV actual values which i programmed into my decoders to adapt the driving characteristics of these locos to my liking.
And of course these are improvements compared with the decoder factory settings.

The second issue is to limit the max, speed of the locos. With older Tsunamis it is not possible to adjust die max. with the CV5 (max. voltage) and the CV6 (mid-range voltage).
But it is possible to reduce speedy locos by programming the max. voltage for each speed step. The decoder has 28 speed steps and for each speed step yor can programm an idividual value. The speed steps are acessible by the CVs 67 - 94.
CV67 means speed step 1; here the value should be adjusted in a manner, that the loco just begins to move.
CV94 means speed step 28 and this defines the max. speed of the loco.
I prefer a straight proportional speed curve. In my first example:
CV 67: 3 (this means here when the CV of speed step 1 has the value of 3 the loco begins to creep)
CV 68: 5 (second speed step)
CV 69: 9 (third speed step, here a value of 4 was added)
CV 70: 13 (also a value of 4 was added)
Then a straight line to (add a value of 4 to the value of the precedessor CV every time)
Continue doing so until speed step 28 is reached, here CV 94: 109
This generates a pretty straight line from the 2nd speed step to 28th speed step. This was for this particular loco, the irregular values at the lower end were made to smoothen out the starting of the loco.
But you are not bonded to a straight proportional curve.
Take a sheet of paper and make a graph. On y axis the speed steps 1 - 28 and and on x axis the CV values of the CVs 67 - 94. Have a look what you can do. Create a curve of your own, determine the CV values for each speed step with the aid of the graph.
I hope i could help you.

Cheers Lutz
Hello to all CV programmers.

Is here someone who works with variable speed curves others than linear (straight) acceleration?
I do not change other CVs out of CV 02 (start voltage), CV 05 (max speed) and CV 3 (acceleration). However I use only TCS decoders where I can set the almost CVs on a simple way by TCS' Audio Assist Programming. And I'm lucky with these decoders because they generate a steam sound very close to prototype steam engines - my opinion.

Incidentally, it was Lutz (Schraddel) who led me to the quality of TCS decoders.
Cheers, Bernd

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Thanks Lutz...I have a Bachmann Sound Value S2 and a S4.....they run pretty well but just for fun I'll put in the CV values you have used and see if they run even better. I don't really know or understand speed curves.
Bernhard, I am using speed curves in my Tsunami decoders but I don't know anything about TCS decoders.
If you will be satisfied with your decoders then is not a need for switching to other products. However, please ask for decoders if you ought to visit to friends, exhibitions etc. and hear the sound and see the running proporties of other decoders.
I never was lucky with the sound and especially with the BEMF of steam locos - until Lutz has presented his first TCS decoder. Great! This was the start point for my digitalization.
However good to read of you that you use speed curves with your decoders.
Cheers, Bernd

Please visit also my website
You can read some more about my model projects and interests in my chronicle of facebook.

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