PID Settings of Econami Sound Decoders

Here i will only list my settings for the motor control CVs:

[Image: dsc0114925ab1.jpg]

NEW Atlas ALCO RSD-4 (the motor looks alike as one of these Mabuchi 180 Type, no cogging was perceptible when turning the motor by hand) :
CV10: BEMF cutout 0
CV 67: 1
CV 68: 3
Then a straight line to
CV94: 92
CV209: KP Coefficient 80
CV210: KI Coefficient 20
CV211: Low-Speed Compensation 20
CV212: BEMF Feedback Intensity 255 (100%)
CV213: BEMF Sample Period 9
CV214: BEMF Sample Aperture Time 15
CV215: BEMF Referece Voltage 150
CV216: Motor Speed Step Deadband 2
CV217: Motor Control Register 10
CV218: Analog Mode Motor Start Voltage

Please note, there are some differencies compared with the hitherto PID adjustings of Tsunamis before.
For further reading: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _Guide.pdf</a><!-- m -->

With these settings i got my Atlas RSD-4 to a mere crawling, setting in move without any jerks.

Greetings Lutz

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