Tsunami 2 and LED Athearn RTR SW1500
The Tsunami 2 EMD PNP sound decoder is a nice replacement for the Athearn PCB. You can fix it with one screw at the front right and Katon tape in the rear. Two layers of Kapton tape at the front and rear are a nice layer of electric isolation. They are also helpful to keep the 1k5 LED resistors off the PCB.
The speaker is a trimmed down sugar cube. Two stiff wires fomr a simple but sufficient support. The front gear box cover is lightly touched but still swings freely (I use a similar approach successful over the rear gear box at GP38 etc.).
The LEDs are pairs of SMD mounted LEDs soldered to tiny PCB to form front and rear light units. The magnificent Kapton tape is my friend again. It is simple to use and can be removed easy if some repair is needed.
It is a very similar approach as described by Coos. Just the implementation is more sloppy and the LED wires re adjusted to my eyes and hands Wink

ps. The knots in the wires are my standard marker for plus (blue)
pps. Soundtraxx has an installation description on the web page for the Atlas Tsunami 1 with the large capacitor and a standard speaker requiring milling etc. The Tsunami 2 solves all that hassle.

[Image: 36328571201_498e4b64d8_c.jpg]

Did it four times to get the little blue gang on the rails. They are the prototypical power for the Oak Point yard,

[Image: 36328571771_1e21563055_c.jpg]
Reinhard...thank you, your mini-tutorials on your various installations are very helpful and informative. What size(width) of Kapton tape do you find you use the most?

Gene, I use the 10 and 12 mm tape most. About 1/2 ".
Thank you.

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