New Atlas GP38-2
Two Atlas HO (silver) Master NS GP38-2 (without ditch lights) arrived today and the ESU terror continues......

[Image: 38733214012_eb0b43dbf6_c.jpg]IMG_5847 by Reinhard Peters, on Flickr

The new drive (left front) has a PCB to short to be replaced with a Tsunami 2 decoder (left rear on top of drive). The older Trainman drive (left rear) has the space to house a Tsunami replacement easily AND it still fits the new shell (with micro modifications, remove all pegs from the shell botttom).
In front is an old Trainman drive with the new GP38-2 shell and tank.

I can not use the ESU specific PCB as it has no provisions to drive ditch lights I intend to install later. That excludes ESU and Tsunami 21 pin decoders. It is sad to see how ESU influences Atlas to ......
Hello Reinhard,

just the same i found in my Scaletrains GEVOs. The solution for the numberboard lights are the same as you are showing here. Go to the next Baumarkt (home depot) and buy a sharp hacksaw. You have a good bench vise, did you?
I will use the "new" silver drives with Tsunami 2 21 pin decoders in pre 1995 engines without ditch lights. The new motherboard is fine with a 21 pin Tsunami 2 to drive front and rear lights only. Everything else is ESU specific and not useable.
It is very convenient to be a 1980s Conrail fan too. Let's be positive and say Atlas developed with full ESU support a great Conrail drive 357 and sells it by accident with a NS shell....

ps. Did you notice they use the one or two years old "new/low cost" Trainman motor in the new silver drive too.
Yes Reinhard, i did notice it. It seems a Mabuchi motor or a derivative of it. The motors of the Atlas locos purchased then were all running good and were either free of cogging or have very low cogging grades. I have no reason for lamenting about them. But maybee my experience is not a representative cross section because it are only 5 locos.

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