ESU Loksound and Bachmann Spectrum
I bought two Bachmann Spectrum 8-40CW at an affordable price some years ago just have "something" big on my small switching layout two or three times a year for 5 minutes. That worked quite fine. Bachmann constructed a drive that negotiates everything kids would do on the carpet. That includes my sharp curves and the nasty transitions on the hatches of my layout.

I got the idea to use a Loksound 4 sound decoder and a Lokpilot DCC decoder. They are a simple plug into the PCB (8 pin decoder socket). Both are in my cabinet and not used for any other models (remember the ESU humming sound at low speed I can not stand). Big surprise, the ESU Loksound and Lokpilot and the Spectrum motors felt in love immediately. The humming is extreme low. That motivated me to add ditch lights too (you did not expect anything else, do you ;-) ).

It is time to solve the duplicate road numbers and add some weathering. The old ladies deserve it :-)

[Image: 25727811028_3082293f87_c.jpg]
A small update: The original used Lokpilot 3.0 in the dummy does not support a flashing ditch light as the Loksound 4 does. It is an alternate blink light only. Got today a Lokpilot 4 DCC and the problem is solved. No big surprise that Loksound 4 and Lokpilot 4 share the same ditch light logic.

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