LEDs and resistors
I made an observations while installing a bunch of ditch lights.

SMD LEDs 0204 warm white are used. I buy them in 10 or 20 piece a packs from eBay sellers in China. Virtually free of shipping but it may take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive.
Those tiny are usually installed in the very front of the ditch light housing. Covered with a thin layer of Kristal Clear at best. In contrast to may professional installed ditch lights (Intermountain, Rapido ...) is there no fiber optic involved. The light goest straight from the LED to the eye.
I started with the usual 1k0 resistors, went to 1k5 resistor probed 3k0 resistors and it was still far to bright. I ended up with 6k0 ( 6000! ) Ohm resistors. Your milage may vary depending on the brand of LEDs you get from China but it is remarkable indeed.

You may want to take that into consideration when you are shopping for SMD LED resistors the next time.

[Image: 25317357947_219bdc4bc5_c.jpg]

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