ESU Loksound 5.0
I received my very first ESU Loksound 5.0 bought to replace older ESU Loksound 4.0 in four SW1500 with RTR drives.

ESU claims complete new motor control curing the nasty humming sound (many modelers do not notice that sound). 
The motor control is in fact much better but still not at the level of ZIMO.

The decoder comes with a tiny sugar cube speaker. I replaced it with my "standard" 13 x 18mm sugar cube. The new 5.0 sound files are much larger and the programming takes about one hour ...... (you get the time to write in the best forum ;-) 

ps. No I do still not like ESU's none standard product policy!
Today arrived my second Scaletrains GE C39-8 (PN 8211 NS black). I got the PN 8212 (Conrail,blue) two weeks ago and replaced the complete electronic with Tsuname 2 and my own 0204 LEDs. The second one got a standard ESU Lokspund Version 5.0 as designed by Scaletrains.

It is more than obvious that ESU still lacks proper motor handling. It is better than with ESU 3 and 4 but there is still a very noticeable humming sound when the engine starts and stops.
It is also better to put the 0204 SMD LEDs directly in the holes of the shell than the fiber optics provided by Scaletrains. The dim headlight is disappointing.

That completes my Loksound 5.0 test. ESU failed again. I will stay with Tsunami 2 and clean further engines electronics to install my own sound decoder.
Hi Reinhard,

thank you for the testing out.
But what are your impressions of the ESU V5 sound, the new soundfiles and their acting?
And in comparison with the older V4 soundfiles? Just the same or better?
And their tonal aspects?
Cheers Lutz
There is no real sound with the tiny speakers. It sound like a toy, may be like a nice toy. Downloading of the sound file to the decoder takes up to an hour. Wast of time. The smaller older files are not noticeable worst.
I used a 21pin in the new Walthers Mainline GP9. It got replaced by aTsunami 2 too. I can not stand the humming sound and no proper chance to add ditch lights.

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