WARP 10 Car Kits
Nice work Lutz!

got one of the CP Cars decaled last weekend:

[Image: dsc03813gwk51.jpg]

[Image: dsc03814y8ktv.jpg]

[Image: dsc038152ajqo.jpg]

[Image: dsc03816vajsy.jpg]

Lookin' good, Lutz!   Thumbsup Thumbsup  Well-worth the effort to overcome the shortcomings of the kit.


thank you Wayne.

Meanwhile i managed it to get the second car decaled:

[Image: dsc03839gkj1f.jpg]

[Image: dsc038403sjfl.jpg]

[Image: dsc038419kkts.jpg]
The glossy overcoat will be soon vanishing unter a coat of matte laquer.

[Image: dsc03825l3kmk.jpg]
Clash of eras?
Not really. The first of this high volume 86' boxcars were built in the middle of the 1960's and some of these old 36' boxcars were still as late as 1969 on the roster as pictures evidenced it. An encounter was possible.


it is time to continue this thread. There were still two PRR 36' box cars awaiting completion.

[Image: dsc06204fzc2b.jpg]
A very frustrating aspect were the running boards. Looking only too sharp and, they brittle into pieces.

[Image: dsc06205kliy6.jpg]
So i decided to make new ones out of 0.5mm styrene (not so brittle) sheet.

[Image: dsc062062rcao.jpg]
Later i replaced the running board of the second car also with a styrene one.

[Image: dsc062617nd4f.jpg]
Next step was painting the two PRR cars, here together with the D&RGW H0n3 car

[Image: dsc06262vofgc.jpg]
[Image: dsc062637ji0k.jpg]

[Image: dsc06264tdf3e.jpg]
[Image: dsc0626574c5j.jpg]

[Image: dsc06266g2epz.jpg]
[Image: dsc06267axdar.jpg]
These are really old cars. Standardized arrangement of grab irons and other safety devices were still in the future.

[Image: dsc06270g7fv0.jpg]
With the underside i did'nt make a show and let it partially unpainted.

What is still missing are period typical decals.

They are looking good Lutz.
I can smell a steam post ten blocks away and when I do clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through
Wow this thread was incredibly informative to read and I really enjoyed seeing you tackle problems as they arose.
Modeling the East Broad Top as it was between 1937-1942

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