NEW Peco Code 70 Flex Track

just arrived, some quick pictures:

[Image: dsc04838dojsj.jpg]

[Image: dsc04839a0jmi.jpg]

[Image: dsc04840soj12.jpg]

[Image: dsc048411kjdc.jpg]

That track looks pretty good, Lutz, but I'd guess that if you were using track nails to hold it in place, it might be wise to add a mark, on the top-side of those ties which have a solid centre.
Putting a track nail through the hollow ones would likely cause visible damage.

On the other hand, if you're using glue or caulk to hold the track in place, there shouldn't be any trouble.

I'm not sure, but I don't ever recall seeing code 70 flex track....I have bought some code 70 rail, though, for use with Central Valley tie-strip material. 

I secure the tie strips (all of the ties are hollow) using gelled contact cement, and then add pre-soldered 12' or 15' lengths of rail, also using contact cement.

Shinohara used to sell code 70.
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@ Kevin

Shinohara is out of business. What you can still buy is the remainder of stock. Purchase quickly if you have demand for it, when sold out, it's gone.

I believe Micro Engineering sells code 70 flex track

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