Swap meet finds, paint color question
I went to a swap meet last Saturday. Both to buy and sell. Did well on both counts.

I hadn't seen this many Juneco orange boxes since a 90's hobby shop. I even found the super-rare 'O' scale CN express reefer kit.
I also found one of the branchline blueprint series Canadian Pacific single window coach, after which a friend gave me three more. Which brings me to my question


The car kits come pre decorated in what they call 40's-50's CPR red. I have never seen this color before and if they were trying to replicate CPR Tuscan red it seems a little too light compared to the Factory painted C-liner and my Rivarossi pullman that I airbrushed wit Scalecoat's CPR tuscan. Did CP have this color or was Branchline's paint matcher out of it when choosing the red?
You're right, Glen, that colour looks to be a bit "off".

This one is an Athearn coach, painted with Scalecoat-I CPR Tuscan Red


...but these two, from Atlas (formerly Branchline) also seem a bit "off" from CPR Tuscan...on the real TH&B cars, the colour would be the same as those of the CPR, due to CP's controlling interest in the TH&B....


I also have a TH&B car given to me by a friend....it appears to be a kit with metal sides, (and possibly the underbody, too) but the rest of the car is plastic...its colour is somewhat similar to your Branchline swap-meet cars...


It shouldn't be too difficult to strip the paint from the cars' sides and re-paint with a better match.  I believe CP's Tuscan Red is available in both Scalecoat I and Scalecoat II, and Black Cat has a very nicely-done decal set for those cars, too, although they're not exactly giving them away.

Thanks Wayne. I am planning to repaint two of the branchline cars in CP tuscan, and I made a day trip to a hobby shop in Vancouver yesterday and picked up two of these:
I plan to strip and repaint one other into a CN scheme, either all green or the green, black and gold stripes 
While I was at the hobby shop I also grabbed these two set of decals:


The same friend who gave me the three branchline cars also gave me this one. I have no idea of it's maker. It seems to be a metal (aluminum?) body and underframe, with plastic inserts for the doors and the ends. The underframe slides in on two channels cast or pressed in the body interior. 
Anyway I got both the decals for the car, and Black Cat also makes decals for the silver window frames. I painted the body in Scalecoat 1 about a week ago.

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