So, I did a Canada Post Rate Search and:

Small Package - US Air | $13.95CAD
Tracked Package (9 Business Days) - Delivery Confirmation | $20.63CAD
Expedited Parcel (6-7 Business Days) - Delivery Confirmation | $23.55CAD
Xpresspost (6-7 Business Days) - Delivery Confirmation/Signature | $30.46CAD
Priority World Wide -  Delivery Confirmation/Signature | $69.90CAD

I said ~$30 because I usually send Xpresspost. 

Atlas Snap Switches

(10-24-2021, 05:53 PM)doctorwayne Wrote:
(10-24-2021, 12:35 PM)TinGoat Wrote: Postage from Canada is stupid expensive. Probably ~$30CAD..

Yeah, I recently sent a smallish package of Bachmann lighting boards to a friend in the northeastern States, and it cost over $13.00.

Canada Post  charges on the weight of the package, but also on the package's dimensions.  Those turnouts aren't all that heavy, but you may save some dough by using a sturdy box just big enough to hold the turnouts. 

I can't say if it plays a part in the pricing, but they usually ask what the box contains and it's value, too.  I usually reply with "repair parts for a toy, value two bucks."

I occasionally make custom boxes, using the heavy cardboard used to ship appliances - it's strong enough to protect the contents as long as they're not sliding around within the box.

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