Stolen Trains
I thought I should post this here in hopes we can all spread the word so these crooks get caught:

Quote:Hi guys,

We’ve got some unfortunate news to report this afternoon regarding the shipment of HO scale Procor tank cars and N scale CP FP9A locomotives to two of our US distributors. We have just been informed by our carrier that a trailer containing these shipments destined for the US was stolen from a local trucking yard sometime in the last couple of days and is still missing as of this afternoon. An investigation has been launched, but as of now we don’t know where these shipments are and whether or not they will be recovered.

While it is believed the models were stolen here in Canada, it’s possible they could appear in the US as well and that the thieves may try and sell the product to either a dealer or otherwise sometime in the near future.

With that in mind, we’re asking dealers and the modeling community to please keep a lookout for any suspicious offers or shipments of these models and please contact police should anything come about.

Thank you for your help.
Jordan and the Rapido team.
Wow Charlie, It's going to be hard to sell that stuff with so many people aware that it's "hot" goods. Wonder what else was in that truck.
Don (ezdays) Day
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Hope they are caught!

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Apparently, the trailer has been located, and the Rapido stuff is still in it.  However, the other cargo, which was accessible in the rear portion of the trailer, is gone.  There is speculation that whatever it was (perhaps 'phones, or computer stuff) was what the thieves wanted, as it would be easier to sell quickly.


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