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here i will sum up my my experiences with modern US models or locomotives and cars in loose order. This was also my last willful big hunt for rolling stock. Because now i have more then enough cars and locos for my demand. Occasions not exemted. Now i can play my layout in:

- Classic steam era 1920's - 1930's

- Transiton era 1940's - 1960's

- Medival era 1970's - 1980's - 1990's

- Modern era 2000's up

Conditioned by my membership in FREMO and the Southwest Division (SWD). For this my layout is modular and portable. On conventions it will be a industrial area with some hevy traffic. We run our meetings and conventions in different eras, Antik (antique), Mittelalter (medival) and Modern. For each of the eras you have to provide your own rolling stock for your part of the big layout made of modules.
Sometimes at evilbay you randomly find occasions. Randomly because the evilbay search engines are still deadbeat; a systematic search is not possible.
So this high cube box car from Walthers, a second hand offer for a reasonable price "buy immediately". Which i did. It was in mint condition.


As with Walthers Gold Line you have to mount the grab irons by yourself. Naturally this car also was equipped by me with a 3-point equalisation. Also i painted the shining wheels black. Kadee Scale Head whiskers #158 were mounted too.


But the brake was only rudimentary. Only brake cylinder, air reservoir and triple valve were there. No pipes and no rods. The model in the background was my pattern to rig the brake system.


The underframe was separated. The two white pieces of plastic profile are part of my 3-point suspension.


The eyelet of the brake cylinder rod was drilled out. 0.3mm bronze wire will be used for rigging.


Then started rigging.

For those members which are not so familar with brakes, Ted Culotta's tutorial is still the best:


The remounted underframe with completed brake rigging. With modern cars the brake rigging deviates in some points from those out of the steam era.

So some levers are not horizontal, but instead vertical mounted. This structure made out of black plastic stripes is such an bearing for a vertical brake lever.


And at least Darth Brush has striked.

Good transformation of a ready to run. I've done that on a few of my cars as well.
Looking good! Nice job.
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Looking Good Lutz.
I can smell a steam post ten blocks away and when I do clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through

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