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This was the back deck recently. The squirrel could walk up to the bird feeder. I shovelled my way out to it (after bashing the sliding screen open) and refilled the feeder.
The shovelled path has filled in again.
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The State of Victoria is burning again, five years after Black Saturday.
Driving down Eastlink this morning the winds were hot and gusty with trees being whipped. About a third of the way down I saw a CFA strike team of one 4 x 4 and 5 -4 x 4 fire trucks rushing North with the hammer down and all lights and sirens going. All the trucks were drawn from brigades down on the Mornington Peninsula such as Somers, Bittern, Tyabb and I missed seeing the names on the other two. I suspect that they may have left the CFA Training Base at Bangholme which is right next to Eastlink and close to the Peninsula Link Freeway, so a good spot to locate a rapid response strike team.. I suspect that they were headed for the fire at Warrandyte which would be a bitch of a place to fight a fire given the steep rock terrain, narrow roads and the Yarra river winding through to complicate matters. Well we call it a river but people elsewhere might just think it was a creek. Up around Warrandyte and Templestowe you can throw or hit a tennis ball from one bank to the other and in some spots it is so shallow and rocky you could almost walk across. As a point of interest, Warrandyte was one of the first places gold was found in Victoria in the 1800's. As I arrived home tonight I could see a large smoke cloud in the distance which I think would be from the Fawkner or Mickleham fires. A cool change has moved through this afternoon so the temperature is around 25 deg. C. and hopefully the winds die down to help with putting the fires out.
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Mr Fixit Wrote:The State of Victoria is burning again, five years after Black Saturday...

Wow, what can you say to that? We've been though our share of wildfires here in the southwest and it's sickening the harm it does to the environment and to people. We hope that it doesn't spread and it's put out quickly. Was it lightning or human caused? Our two worse fires here, one just under a half-million acres, the other one over that, were both caused by humans. One was started intentionally by a part-time firefighter that wanted to drum up some work for himself. :cry: And yes, I do remember seeing pictures of that one of yours five years ago.

I wish all your firefighters the best in dealing with this...
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Mr Fixit Wrote:The State of Victoria is burning again...

I'm sorry to hear that. I wish everyone well. Snow, of course, is nothing by comparison.
Thanks for your thoughts guys and some of Ralph's snow in the form of rain would be nice [as snow it would be too weird] to help put out the fires and dampen everything down. The lessons from five years ago have been learnt with people putting their fire plans into action and either going early or staying. Leaving once you see the flames racing towards you is just too late, but still people do.
It would appear that at least one of the fires was caused by falling tree branches hitting power lines, but we will have to wait and see on the others.
I remember the sound of the wind five years ago, it was howling and moaning, a hot and gusty dry wind, seemingly straight out of the scorched outback of Australia, which it was. It blew for at least a day and really pushed the fires along and created its own weather system.

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